• Magnetic Engineering & Industrial Supply in Johor Malaysia

Pressure Sensing Performance

Multitude of Mechanical pressure and vacuum switches, explosion proof pressure switches according to the new ATEX directive, electronic pressure switches and transmitters for a wide range of applications for example in the field of agriculture, plant and machinery, renewable energy, oil & gas, automotive, automation, HVAC and medical industries. The Pressure Sensors, Pressure Transducers and Pressure Switches are available for various pressure ranges and for (bidirectional) differential, gage, absolute and barometric pressure.

Mechanical Pressure Switches

We supply various normally-closed and normally-opened Mechanical pressure switches with male and female thread, diaphragm and piston technology, mechanical contacts and electrical outputs and different sealing materials for all kind of media and temperature ranges.
Our robust mechanical pressure switches which can be adjusted in a pressure range from 0.1 to 400 bar and reach an overpressure safety up to 600 bar.

Several thousands of variants of these diaphragm or piston pressure switches are being operated in different applications for almost all gaseous and liquid media.

Electronic Pressure Switches

We supply electronic pressure switches comes with high accuracy, adjustable switching points, long-term stability and robust technology in the range of 0-600 bar.
Electronic evaluation of switching point permits extremely small or very large hysteresis settings. Additionally, electronic pressure switches can be equipped with supplementary functions, such as optical display or menu control.
Due to ceramic measuring cell / thick film technology, our electronic switches have a longer service life and provide a higher level of precision. The hysteresis can be set over a wide range and virtually independently of the switching point.

Pressure Transmitters

A pressure transmitter, also known as pressure transducer or pressure converter is a induatrial automation component used to convert a pneumatic or hydraulic pressure to an electric (usually analogue and linear) output signal, such as a current or voltage.
Our pressure transmitters can handle all kind of media used in pneumatic or hydraulic applications because of the high overpressure safety and long life-time. Stainless steel housings with many different variations on both sides, mechanical and electronic, as well as customized pressure ranges make hundreds of variants available.