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Load Cell - The weighing measurement technology

Load cell is a weighing sensor convert the load or force applied to the sensor into an electrical analog signal. They are the most widely used Force Sensors, Torque Transducers and Weighing Transducers from retail scales, factory automation through to industrial applications.

Load cell designs can be distinguished according to the type of output signal generated (pneumatic, hydraulic, electric) or according to the way they detect weight (bending, shear, compression, tension, etc.)

Our load cell are manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring your application is reliable, accurate and robust.

• Load pins are the perfect solution for different geometries – even when upgrading existing structures.
• Load pins can be integrated directly in the flow of force, taking up very little space.
• Load pins are used for force measurement in pulleys, fork bearings and roller bearings.

• Load beams are a common geometry of load cells, often used to measure the weight of small sized objects.
• Load beams are available in miniature design for application with limited space or to measure small forces.
• The high accuracy of 0.1% of the full scale is one of the features of load beams.

• Ring force transducers are used for reliable measurements of medium and small compression forces.
• Applications are screw presses, cutting tools, propeller shafts and the measurement of bolt forces.
• Ring force transducers are made of one-piece and easy to mount.
• Efficient solution to measure anchor forces.

• High Perfomance Indicator best for industrial load cell weighing application, pressure & torque measurements
• High accuracy A/D converter & Analog Input, Auto Span Calibration
• Push Button Tare or Auto Tare Function / Peak-Hold and Sample-Hold Function
• Wide Range of Capacity and Division can be easily set by Keypad

• Large Display & High brightness LED
• RS-232C, RS-485, Current Loop, Bluetooth connectivity
• Wall mounting type
• Uniform brightness and wide angle viewing

• Available for 4 points or 6 points load cell
• Enclosure Material: Stainless Steel or Plastic

• Load Cell Type: All strain gauge type
• Load Cell Supply: 10V DC, 120mA
• For industrial tank, hopper and crane weighing application