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Linear Guide

Linear Guide consist perfect interchangeability between the guide rails and bearings.
In addition, linear guide have the bearings that bearing balls does not fall off if you removed the bearings from the guide rails. It realizes the development of high-precision, high-rigidity, energy-saving, high-speed machines with long service lives.

Linear guide realize super-low waving comparable to hydrostatic guides. In addition, the deformation of the ball is minimized to achieve ultra-high rigidity that surpasses even roller guides.

The use of a ball cage eliminates friction between the balls, and achieves low noise, acceptable running sound, long term maintenance free operation, and high speed.

An ultra high rigidity Roller Guide that achieves low friction, smooth motion and long term maintenance free operation by using a roller cage.

A range of LM Guides (full-ball type) are available from miniature types to large types for machine tools, to curved guides that suit a wide range of applications.