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Sensing Technologies for Industry

Sensors are the most basic, commonly used components in automation nowadays. Sensors use a beam of light to detect the presence or absence of an object. This technology is an ideal alternative to inductive proximity sensors when you require long sensing distances or when the item you want to sense is non-metal.

Photoelectric Sensor

• Longest sensing distance – 25M for through-beam type
• Visible & Clear LED indicators
• Reduced dead zone significantly
• Available in cabled or M8 QD, NPN or PNP output
• Epoxy filled sensor housing – IP67G protection
• Universal voltage photoelectric sensor / Heavy duty sensor housing
• Transparent object detection such as plastic / glass /PET
• Easy Alignment and installation

Fiber Sensor

• 5mm wider display for better visibility
• Detect over 30,000 pieces per second
• Increased sensing distance by pulse emitting method
• Auto Power Control function
• Auto Sensitivity Control functon
• Variety choices of fiber unit / fiber optic cable

Laser Sensor

• Laser sensor ideal for transparent object detection
• Excellent repeat accuracy and perfomance
• High resolution electronic shutter
• 4 digit display with built-in controller
• Time Of Flight laser sensor
• Standalone or Interconnect amplifier type

Displacement Sensor

• Displacement sensor ideal for stable and high precision measurement application
• longest sensing distance of 2M with fine linearity ±0.1% F.S.
• Multiple communication module for PC or PLC
• Ideal for robot mounting application
• Simple push button and easy to view

Capacitive Proximity Sensor

• Ideal for industrial applications that require level and feed monitoring.
• Detect the status of the product throughout the production process and final inspection
• Suitable for extremely harsh industrial environments.

Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

• Detect the position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders, and are attached directly to the cylinder body
• Provide precise measurement, short response times, and non-contact operation – no wear and tear or calibration required over time.
• Control splicing knife and heat sealer on form fill and seal machine
• Gripper position detection
• Trigger label applicator arm

Level Sensor

• Include ultrasound sensors, capacitive measurement sensors and electromechanical technology-based sensors
• reliable liquid level and fluid level sensing measurement in stocking, tank content, storage capacities or for automated disposal applications
• Choice of various housing materials and electrical output signals

Inductive Proximity Sensor

• Ideal non-contact solution for detecting metal objects.
• Long operating life and the optimum precision and reliability using the latest sensor technology.
• Widely using in industrial applications in Food & Beverages and logistics automation.
• Threaded Cylindrical Housing, Smooth Cylindrical Housing and Rectangular Housing Type.

Magnetic Proximity Sensors

• Magnetic proximity sensors in cylindrical (MM) type and square (MQ) type.
• Using newer and smaller magnets to suit all sort of industrial application.
• Long sensing ranges that can reliably detect magnetic objects.
• Reliable detection of permanent magnets through non-ferromagnetic materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or wood.
• Solves high-temperature applications by installing the permanent magnet in the high-temperature area.