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Filter Regulator

Filter regulator is a pneumatic component which combine filter and pressure regulator in a single unit. It supports two or three function to filter and regulate air from the compressor.
As the filter regulator is made up of the same elements as the regulator and the filter, the performance is the same.

Nominal flow
Filter regulator comes with very high flow parameters but physical dimensions and weight was reduced.
Filter regulator provides full modularity and flexibility and thanks to the technology of metal threaded fittings and assembly kits, traditional elements such as clamping bolts and clamping fittings have been eliminated. This makes the system simpler and more economical.

Even the basic model of our filter regulator included a lot functions and special executions such as:
• possibility to lock the regulator knob for reducing valves and filter reducers
• air intake from G1 / 8 “connector in each system element
• marking each item with a code, production date and selected technical parameters
• High flow rates with low load loss.
• Special rolling diaphragm – higher flow rate, greater stability, improved sensitivity.
• Rapid relief of downstream overpressures.
• Stability of the regulated pressure as the mains pressure fluctuates.
• Maximum degree of condensate separation.
• 360° condensate level display.
• Condensate drain with manual/semi-automatic or automatic function.