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Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic Air Cylinder have been designed for use with unlubricated air, in which case no maintenance is required. If lubricated air is used, lubrication must be continuous because the additional lubrication removes the lubricant applied at the factory. Pneumatic Air Cylinder operating life depends on numerous factors including axial and radial loads, speed, frequency of use, temperature, shocks, air loss (limits).

There is several material of gasket using in pneumatic air cylinder:

1) Polyurethane:-
PU gasket have the best in terms of long-life, resistance to wear and reduced friction which they are the most common type in Malaysia market.

2) NBR (Nitrile Rubber):-
NBR gaskets have a shorter life than polyurethane gaskets but Nitrile Rubber gasket recommended for use in environments causing the formation of water condensate.

3) FKM/FPM/Viton:-
Normally for high temperature application as it can withstand temperatures up to 150°C.

Standards-based cylinders

– Micro pneumatic cylinders
– Clean profile pneumatic cylinders
– Heavy series tube pneumatic cylinders

Standards-based compact cylinders

– Octagonal piston rod compact cylinders
– Strong compact cylinders
– Strong compact cylinders octagonal tube

Oval cylinders

Stainless steel or chromium-plated steel oval cylinders comes with adjustable cushioning to ease space limited issue in pneumatic application.

Short-stroke cylinders

Short stroke cylinders essential for all compact and short strokes required pneumatic application.
Variety of bore sizes combined with high quality mechanical shock absorbers serve the application perfectly.

Rotating cylinders

– Pneumatic rotary actuators for process automation
– Double Rack Rotary Table

Rodless cylinders

– Rodless pneumatic cylinder with integrated guides and tecnopolymer
– Rodless pneumatic cylinder with ball bearings

Guided Cylinders

Hydraulic shock absorbers

Air Cylinder Accessories